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International Journal of Future Dentistry

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Since the invention of dental implants, the knowledge about implantology and its community has experienced enormous growth internationally over the last decades. In order to keep this extremely fast growing and developing implant family together and to live their unifying thoughts across international borders, we have decided to develop this magazine especially for future trends and strategies in implantology as a further link.

In times like the Covid-19 pandemic, which affects all of us equally around the globe, it is important to concentrate on the essentials: stick together as a family and exchange ideas more than ever. Because it is precisely this cohesion across borders and our internationality what will define the International Journal of Future Dentistry. And also this can help to bring us through times like these together. Different ideas are born in different parts of the world and only together can we develop them further, bring them to life and benefit from them as a network if we also share these ideas in our new family for future implantology.


During the first wave of the pandemic, a spontaneous and extremely uncomplicated and creative collaboration between a group of European implantologists and dentists was quickly set up. A number of small projects have been developed and launched together. Accordingly, the idea was quickly born to develop a joint magazine as a European project in order to connect the implant family and everyone in Europe, interested in implantology. But after all, we are always accompanied by the same topics, questions, problems and solutions in our daily work. So, we realized very quickly that the topics that concern us are international and fit much better on an international platform in order to limit them to just one continent.

We have therefore decided to create a magazine in which everyone can find themselves - implantologists, periodontologists, prosthodontists, beginners or professionals. The magazine should contain a mixture of simple information from practice for practice as well as scientifically sound descriptions. Case presentations are just as important as scientific studies. And all of this from an international perspective on current and future trends and strategies in dental implantology.

Another focus is to be created with the reports about activities from different countries. Our idea is to share what dentists and study clubs all over the world have experienced and to share their ideas with the intention the initiate or implement similar things for other dentists and groups worldwide. Knowing what the global implant family is all about, what drives them and gets them going is a key for further developments. Because only through constant exchange we can benefit from one another and grow together.

With the interview, we would also like to introduce people who are playing an important role for implantology in general. Learning from the best is clearly in the foreground for this series.


It is therefore a great honor for me to present you the first issue of the International Journal of Future Dentistry today. We owe it to countless people and authors, as well as their passionate commitment and the tireless support. Special thanks go to Dr. Kwang Bum Park for his willingness to support us with this idea and to make it a reality through his great passion and endless energy for dental implantology.


Now I wish all of us a lot of fun with this first issue and at the same time I cordially invite you to take part in this project yourself in the nearest future.

Stay healthy, take care,



Marcus Engelschalk

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